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Mobile Car Mechanic Brisbane

We service the Brisbane Bayside areas surrounding Cleveland 4163

Mobile Mechanic Brisbane - Call 0450 057 657 for Auto Electrical & Mechanical repairs.

Car won't start? Car battery sales to get you moving fast.

Brake problems? Need suspension repairs? Overheating or Car running

rough? Call us now.

20% Labour discount for Seniors, no call out fee & 30 years experience.

Mobile Mechanic Brisbane Southside


Car maintenance and regular service is crucial to its engine's life as well as your overall driving experience. But getting your car serviced at the dealership can cost you a small fortune, whereas it's always risky to hire a fly-by-night mechanic.

If you are looking for top quality and affordable car service in Brisbane, call Cliff's Night & Day to get your car serviced by mobile mechanics to the dealership standards at a much lower price. We will send out our mobile car mechanic to service your car at your doorstep for a friendly service. Apart from changing the engine oil, air filter and coolant, our mobile mechanics will perform an inspection to look for any potential troubles.

Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Call 0450 057 657 for a pre-purchase car inspection by our experienced and qualified mobile mechanics. With over 30 years of experience in pre purchase inspections and safety inspections, we will provide you with a trusted and detailed vehicle inspection report and safety certificates. Book your vehicle inspections now, prices start from $245.00, we only provide this service on the Brisbane bayside suburbs near Cleveland.

Check Engine Lights

Auto Electrical Service 

Modern petrol and diesel cars are mostly electronically driven, making the repair work even more complex. Failure of an electronic component or a sensor can lead to serious mechanical issues, which means modern car repairs require a savvy technician who understands both wires and motors really well.


From installing new wiring to replacing fuses, relays and sensors to resetting ECUs, our mobile mechanics have the tools, knowledge and years of experience to handle all car servicing aspects.

Whether it's a Honda, Volkswagen, BMW or Bentley, our mobile mechanics can work on all types of modern and classic cars. If your car's instrument panel is showing an error, we will come to you and our experienced mechanics will run a diagnosis and tell you what’s wrong.

Night and Day

Mobile Car Repair Service Brisbane

Car emergencies always come unannounced. While you may not be expecting a blown head gasket or a flat tyre, Cliff's Night & Day is always prepared for such problems and here to offer flawless car services. We are open 7:00 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday. You can put us as your mobile car servicing expert on your speed dial so should you need help we are your first call.

Our mobile mechanics can perform all kinds of mechanical work from minor repairs and routine service roadside or on your driveway. Car won't start? Clutch won't engage? Do you hear unusual rattling sounds from under the hood or the suspension? We can diagnose and fix the problem quickly and cost-effectively.

Quality Workmanship

Quality Workmanship

Cliff's Night & Day has a fully equipped mobile workshop and modern equipment that saves time and ensures precision work. Our local mobile mechanic are regularly trained on various aspects of modern and classic vehicles. As a customer, you can be confident that we can fix any problem that you may be facing -- from under the hood to behind the wheel and everything in between.


Call us now for all kinds of mobile car servicing and car repairs in Brisbane Bayside near Cleveland. You can use our online booking service to book and our mobile mechanic will arrive at your location as soon as possible.

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