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Mobile Car Mechanic Sheldon - Car Repair & Inspection Services


Car breakdowns are stressful, whether it's happening for the first time or the 100th time. Nobody wants car troubles and the drama that follows. To let you enjoy trouble-free car ownership, Cliff's Night and Day provides a mobile car repair service in Sheldon and its surrounding areas. Whenever your car breaks down in Sheldon, you need not panic because as your first point of contact, Cliff's Night and Day will make your car trouble go away like 1.2.3.

If your car doesn't start, we will fix it on-site. If it can't be fixed on your driveway, we will tow it to our workshop for the repair. We offer complimentary local towing assistance for any repair work that's worth over $1000. Even if it's a minor fault, the towing fee won't pinch your pocket. That's a promise.

As your car gets older, it tends to break down more frequently than usual. The clutch plates wear out, transmission issues start to surface, reduced engine power and fuel mileage and some of the electronic sensors might go kaput one after another.

When it comes to maintaining a relatively old car, the repair bills can shoot through the roof. Cliff's Night and Day can help you maintain your car economically without having to compromise quality.

Expert Car Mechanics in Sheldon

Our mechanics are fully trained and insured. Using manufacturer recommended tools and diagnostic software, we service your car like it would be serviced at the dealership. Even better, in terms of turnaround.

We don't leave our customers waiting too long to get their car fixed. When we arrive, we take five minutes of your time to understand the issues that you are facing. And before we start the car, we prepare a job card that outlines repairs with a price breakdown. We don't leave any surprises for later. You will know beforehand what you will be paying for.

We let you watch our mechanics in action while they are fixing your car. Got any questions? Feel free to ask. After all, it's your car, and you deserve to know what went wrong with it.

Is there anything that you don't like about your car? The way it handles or makes an unusual rattle or simply feels rough or sluggish to drive? If you want that problem diagnosed properly and fixed once and for all, contact Cliff's Night and Day Mobile Mechanics.

We never do guesswork. We get to the root cause of the problem and fix it permanently.

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