Car Inspection Brisbane


Buying a used car? It's definitely an exciting moment, especially if it's going to be someone's first car.

Although it's cheaper than a brand new car, a used car almost always comes at a price that you never expect in the beginning. How about taking pains to test drive a lot of cars and still ending up with a lemon? The moment you buy a problematic car, it starts to drain your pockets dry. You try to fix one thing and something else blows up.

Does this mean you should never buy a used car? You can buy a used car any day you want. And to help you make the right buying decision, Cliff's Night and Day provides a thorough car inspection service so that you can buy your next or first car with absolute peace of mind.

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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane


We understand that the whole purpose of buying a used car is to save money. But what's the use of saving money when you are going to shove it all into car repairs in Brisbane and hefty maintenance?

Cliff's Night and Day provides affordable car inspection services in Redlands for all makes and models. Whether you are buying an economical hatchback, a luxurious sedan or an SUV for off-roading, our mechanic will help you get to grip with the actual condition of the vehicle and identify all kinds of major and minor defects.

Our affordable car inspection service is a small investment you make in order to enjoy stress-free car ownership for years to come. Your car inspection fee will pay for itself, that's a guarantee.

Mobile Vehicle Inspection Brisbane


Buying a used car?, we provide professional car inspection services in Capalaba, Cleveland and surrounding suburbs. You don't have to take the car to a workshop, our mobile mechanic will come to your location and thoroughly inspect the car at an affordable price. Don’t buy a lemon book for a car inspection before you hand over your hard earned dollars. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Pre- Purchase Car Inspection In Brisbane?

Pre-purchase inspections on used cars are the most effective way to determine whether the vehicle you are about to purchase is good or bad. If you plan to buy used cars, it can save you money and time. The major benefit of this procedure is that it determines whether the vehicle has spent its entire life in a harsh environment or has been involved in an accident. Not only that, but the inspection process also looks at the car's engine, suspension, bodywork, and electrical systems. As a result, you will have the most accurate information about the car's condition.

How Much Does A Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Cost?

The company determines the cost of a pre-purchase inspection, and it is widely subjective. It will take about an hour or two to complete an assessment. Everything from looking for damaged or missing parts to checking fluid levels and tyre conditions will be covered during the inspection. A vehicle inspection will reveal the car's history, including accidents or problems, allowing you to bargain for a lower price or walk away.

What Is The Difference Between A Safety Certificate And A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

A safety certificate ensures the car is roadworthy and doesn't have a major defect. It is just a formality and does not detect any mechanic issues. On the other hand, a pre-purchase inspection is a comprehensive check-up on the car. It includes checking the oil, water, belts, bulbs, wipers etc. It will also look for leaks and signs of rust.