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Mobile Car Mechanic Alexandra Hills - Car Repair & Inspection Services


Dealing with a car trouble becomes less stressful when you know that a reliable mechanic is just a phone call away.


Our mobile mechanic of Alexandra Hills is always on call and ready to help you out of car trouble.


Your car won't start? Does it overheat? Has the engine check light come on? Do you see black smoke billowing up from under the hood? AC's not working? Headlights won't come on? Battery issues?


Our mobile mechanic can fix any car issue under the sun. Or under the stars since we work until 10 PM. 

Cliff's Night and Day offers peace of mind, which is the most important thing you need when your beloved car is undergoing trouble. Whether you are driving an old car that's living on its last leg or a brand new ride that's displaying alerts on the dash, rest assured that you've got nothing to worry about.

When you come to us, we will assess your car to locate the component that's causing you trouble. If it could be fixed, we won't recommend a replacement. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible on repair jobs so that you don't dread a car breakdown ever. That's the kind of peace of mind we offer.

Expert Car Mechanics in Alexandra Hills


Our car mechanics in Alexandra Hills are fully trained and insured. Whether you drive a Toyota Prius or BMW 7 series, they understand that your car is valuable to you. More than a means of transportation, your car is a feeling that takes you places.

Every car is treated individually and serviced with respect. We use only manufacturer recommended engine oil and spare parts unless specified otherwise. Our car mechanic would be happy to have you around, and in case you have any questions, you can ask without hesitation.

Our car mechanics can handle major engine problems, ECU resetting, fluctuating RPM, rattling suspension or link rod, or anything that's got you worried about the car.

The fact that we operate throughout Alexandra Hills is an assurance that you will never be stuck in a car breakdown situation. For quick roadside assistance anywhere in Brisbane, feel free to put our phone number on your speed dial. When you call us, our mobile mechanic will be on his way to your rescue.

We offer dealership-level car repair and service in Brisbane at a highly competitive price. And we don't keep our customers waiting for weeks. Our priority is to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. If there's something that we can't fix, we'll let you know beforehand. We don't mess around with anything that we are not confident to fix.

Got a car trouble? Give us a call to get a free quote.

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