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Starter Motors Brisbane


Cliff's Night and Day can service, repair and replace starter motors on all models and makes.

It's easy to identify a failing starter motor. Does your car struggle to crank despite the new battery? If so, your starter motor needs to be serviced or repaired.

One of the common scenarios is the starter motor functions normally when the engine is cold but struggles to crank a hot engine. This may look like a jinx, but it's actually a 'heat soak' issue that's prevalent in cars that are five years or older.

The starter motor absorbs the heat from the engine. This heat increases the resistance inside the starter and requires more amperage than usual to work. The battery fails to meet the increased amperage demand and thus the starter ceases to rotate.

And it's not just the starter motor. There could be other faulty components causing this issue. Corroded battery cables also increase the resistance within the system and cause the starter to turn slowly or not at all.

One of the ways to prevent 'heat soak' is to install a heat shield over the starter motor to keep the heat at bay. If that doesn't solve the problem, we'll service or repair the starter to get it back to turning smoothly.

A starter motor can function without a hiccup for at least 10 years if serviced regularly. After 10 years, it is likely to wear out. So, if you are facing starter issues in your older car, bring it to us for the diagnosis.

Mobile Starter Motor Repair & Replacement in Brisbane


Cliff's Night and Day has a team of mobile auto electrician in Brisbane that can repair and replace your starter motor depending on the diagnosis. Nowadays it's most cost effective to suggest the customer go for a brand new replacement starter motor when you have starter motor issues.

What are the benefits of starter motor replacement?


A new starter motor will cost you more than any starter repair work, but then you can enjoy the peace of mind that it will last for years to come. On the other hand, repair work may only last a couple of months or less, depending on the condition of the starter.


After a quick assessment of your starter, our mechanic will recommend the best option between repair and replacement.


While our first preference will always be a brand new OEM starter, we have pocket-friendly alternatives as well. Depending on your budget and for how long you want to keep that car, we will recommend the best solution.


With years of hands-on experience working on all models and makes, we are confident of replacing your starter, be it a BMW, Jaguar, Honda, Toyota or any car new or old.


Give us a call to enquire about the starter replacement or repair services. We are happy to offer a quote over the phone.

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