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Mobile Car Mechanic Carindale - Car Repair & Inspection Services


Cliff's Night and Day is always on standby to provide prompt assistance for car breakdowns throughout Carindale. We try our best to reach you as soon as possible and get your car running in no time.

We are your go-to specialists for all types of car repairs & general services in Carindale. Whether it's a Chrysler, BMW, Ford or any Japanese hatchback, we have the right set-up, skills and software to fix even the worst car issues.

Are you facing a recurrent overheating issue? Did you get the radiator replaced? Does the problem still persist? Maybe you need to look somewhere else. Maybe it's the thermostat or the radiator cap. Whatever it is, we'll find out and fix it so that the same problem never bothers you again.

Expert Car Mechanics in Carindale

Just like any other machine, a car tends to break down too. But nothing makes you anxious like a stalled car does, even if it’s a small repair work. Being car aficionados ourselves,  Cliff's Night and Day understands that your car is not just another machine; it's a feeling that takes you places. And we always keep that in mind while performing repairs on your car or even changing oil. With our quality repair and service assistance, we aim to give you the best driving experience in the same car that you may have been driving for the last 10 years.

Car problems are progressive. One thing leads to another, and suddenly you are handed a repair bill of a whopping $1000. You can avoid such situations by getting your car serviced regularly. When we come to you, we'll run a diagnostic scan to identify potential issues and recommend repair or replacement as part of the preventive maintenance.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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