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Mobile Car Mechanic Gumdale - Car Repair & Inspection Services


Your car is one of your prized possessions, but it can also be a source of immense stress when it breaks down frequently.


Don't trust any fly-by-night car mechanic with the repairs. Since modern cars are full of electronic sensors and computers, performing repairs without licensed diagnostic software tools can easily go wrong.

Cliff's Night and Day has advanced tools and years of experience that it takes to perform dealership-level repairs. We have great mechanics and trained auto-electricians on board that make those demanding repairs sound easy. 

If your local mechanic couldn't fix it, allow one of our mechanics to visit you. We are confident to fix any car trouble under the sun.


We can service economical and luxury cars, regardless of make, model or year of manufacturing. There’s no guesswork. We have the advanced diagnostic software tools  that we plug into your car's system to reveal defects that are not yet apparent. Heard of preventive maintenance? That's what we are talking about here.

After every logbook service and repair work, we run multiple checks to make sure the issue has been taken care of, and your car drives as smooth as when it was new.

Got a car trouble in Gumdale? Our mobile mechanic is just a phone call away. We'll either fix your car on the spot or tow it to our workshop in case of a major repair.

Expert Car Mechanics in Gumdale


Our mechanics are fully trained and insured. So, you can be confident about who you are letting perform repairs on your car. We are extra careful working on your car and use only quality parts so that there's no compromise on the repair and you continue to enjoy a smooth driving experience for years to come.

If you are sick and tired of extended waiting times or hefty repair bills, you will love our fast, professional and affordable service that is performed to the dealership standards at a fraction of the price, all done at your home for your convenience. 

If you are a car enthusiast that likes to red line on freeways, you are going to get your car serviced more frequently. And what could be a better way to save money than with our affordable mobile maintenance services?

Whether it's a race car or a family hatchback, we make sure your baby gets the best care it deserves. We can repair turbocharged vehicles as well. Schedule an appointment today.

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