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Mobile Car Mechanic Wellington Point - Car Repair & Inspection Services


It's a huge relief to know that a great local mobile mechanic is always around to assist you. Whether it's a car breakdown or your car is due for logbook service, our mobile mechanic of Wellington Point can come to your location to provide quality service at a reasonable price. All you have to do is give us a call and sit back.


We specialise in servicing all models and makes. And no matter how big, small or complex the issue may be, we can fix it like 1.2.3.

Our mobile mechanic carries essential tools on call-outs so that almost all types of car problems can be solved on-site, except a few that require workshop equipment. Those repairs are best performed in our workshop with the right technological aid at our disposal.

Is your car due for logbook service? Don't procrastinate because you don’t have time. Get your car serviced at your doorstep. We are comfortable servicing your car in your garage or on your driveway, as long as the surface where your car is parked is even. It helps our mechanic to focus on the job rather worrying about the precarious car jack.

Expert Car Mechanics in Wellington Point


You fix a problem, but it keeps returning. This is one of the common challenges every DIYer faces. If you are facing recurrent car troubles that won't go away no matter how hard you try, call  Cliff's Night and Day for a diagnostic scan. Our expert mechanic will plug the laptop into the OBD port, and a quick scan will list out the faulty components that may be causing the problem.

We will replace the faulty part(s) and make sure the same issue never bothers you again.

Some of the most common repairs that we perform are:


Ignoring overheating warnings can lead to bigger and more expensive repairs. Overheating is caused by low coolant level, faulty cooling fan, stuck thermostat, faulty water pumps, poor radiators or a bad radiator cap. When your car overheats, pull over and contact one of our mobile mechanics for help straight away, don't risk it and drive an overheating car.


Your suspensions support the entire weight of the car. If anything goes wrong with the suspension, it reflects in how the car handles through potholes and while hard-braking. It starts with squealing, rattles and grinding noises.

Electrical Issues

As long as the computers and sensors are functioning properly, your car is all right. If one of the sensors, electronic actuators or the electrical wiring goes kaput, it will light up your dashboard with warnings. Let our expert mechanic run a diagnostic scan and repair or replace the faulty part to get you back on the road quickly.

Call now to schedule an appointment for car repairs and services you can trust in Wellington Point.

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