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All-Season Vs Winter Tyres – Know The Differences

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

All-season Vs Winter Tyres

Buying the correct type of tyres for your vehicle can be a daunting task, especially when you have to consider several different factors. So, when it comes to choosing between winter and all-season tyres, you need to know in-depth about each type before you can proceed to make an informed decision.

Hence, to help you make a proper purchase decision, we have rounded up the major differences that you need to know about winter tyres versus all-season tyres.

The Advantages Of Buying All-Season Tyres

1. Improved Performance

According to a reliable car service in Brisbane, all-season tyres will provide you with better performance on the road, so that you go from one place to another quickly. Since all-season tyres are lighter in weight, your car will have to carry less weight.

2. Better Fuel Economy

With fuel prices rising these days, most vehicle owners would love to save on fuel. Such is the reason why you must use all-season tyres in the summer season than using winter tyres in the summer season.

By using the wrong type of tyres for the wrong season, your vehicle fuel costs can skyrocket easily. Thus, remember to use all-season tyres once the winter recedes.

3. Ideal For Different Road Conditions

It should be known that all-season tyres can work on both dry & wet roads. Hence, you can expect them to be more versatile because the performance is sustainable and works pretty well in different conditions.

The Advantages Of Buying Winter Tyres

1. Better Grip On Ice & Snow

One of the major advantages that you can experience with winter tyres is that – you can expect them to drive properly on ice or snow. Your vehicle will not slip or skid, even if you’re driving at a decent speed.

However, the same cannot be said for other types of tyres because they tend to lose grip on slippery roads.

2. Increased Tread Depth

According to a professional mechanic in Capalaba, the tread depth that you’ll get with winter tyres will easily make the difference over other types of tyres. You can easily make sharp turns on wintry, wet roads, without having to worry since the tyre will maintain its grip regardless.

3. Flexible In Cold Temperatures

When the temperature drops, the rubber becomes harder. Hence, harder tyres can be dangerous to be driven on roads because they will not provide a sufficient amount of road grip. However, with winter tyres, you don't have to worry about the same since the rubber will remain flexible, maintaining a proper grip on the road surface.

Which Is The Better Option?

If you live in an area where you experience a light winter season, then opting for all-season tyres will be a better fit. Otherwise, you can opt for winter tyres instead.

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