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Things To Avoid When Driving A Fully Automatic Vehicle

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Metro cities, in general, remain very crowded. When so many people live in a limited space, you're bound to experience a lot of vehicles on the road, thus leading to traffic jams. Riding in traffic with a manual transmission isn't as fun and easy as riding a car having an automatic transmission. Such is the reason why more drivers nowadays are choosing automatic transmission over a manual one.

Car Mechanic

However, according to a professional mechanic in Capalaba, driving an automatic isn't as straightforward as you'd like it to be. There are certain cautions that drivers should know when riding an automatic vehicle so that their cars can remain in good shape over time.

Actions To Avoid When Driving An Automatic Car

  1. Trying To Drive Down The Hill In Neutral

The most basic rule of driving is that - as a driver, you always have to stay in control of your vehicle. Driving your car down the hill in neutral gear will take away some of that control you’ll have over your vehicle.

Moreover, when your car will be in neutral gear, you’ll not be allowed to perform engine braking. No engine braking means unnecessary loads will be exerted on the brake, leading to a condition known as brake fade (where the vehicle brakes lose their braking power over time).

Therefore, avoid driving down the hill in neutral gear.

  1. Trying To Rev The Car Engine Excessively

One of the common mistakes that car owners tend to make with automatic transmission is that - they try to rev the engine like in manual transmission. It should be known that automatic vehicles are slow to respond than manual ones, which is why you should try to keep your vehicle at drivable revs so that you can extract more mileage from your vehicle.

On the other hand, if you rev the car engine too much, it will put unnecessary pressure on the transmission, making the vehicle work harder than before, ultimately reducing the fuel economy.

According to a professional Cleveland car service, automatic cars are not made for aggressive driving. If you want to drive aggressively, you have to opt for manual transmission instead.

  1. Trying To Drive The Vehicle With Low Fuel

If you try to drive your automatic vehicle constantly on low fuel, then it will surely take a major toll on your car’s engine. When your vehicle will not have enough fuel, the fuel pump will suck in more air than fuel, which will directly lead to irregular delivery of fuel to the car engine.

The engine of a car not only requires fuel for combustion but also to cool down some of its components. Irregular fuel delivery will impact your vehicle’s performance. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy fuel meter in your vehicle.

For any additional suggestions, get in touch with our experts today.

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