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When To Purchase And When Not To Purchase A New Vehicle?

Apart from purchasing a new home, one of the other things that require the single biggest investment is buying a new vehicle. Therefore, when you’re planning to splurge so much on a new car, you have to ensure that you’re making the correct decision. Most of the time, car owners tend to purchase their vehicles at the wrong moments, leading to buyer’s remorse.

So, what's the ideal time to purchase a new vehicle? Well, to answer your question in detail, we as mobile mechanics in Capalaba, have created this brilliant guide that will tell you the proper moments when investing in a vehicle deemed worthy.

The Instances When You Should Invest In A New Vehicle

  • When A New Model Has Been Released By The Car Manufacturer

There’s no doubt that every few years, a new car model will be released by most car manufacturers. Some car manufacturers even update their models once every two years. When a new model gets released in the market, the older model gets retracted and thus you’ll get the benefit of using new features.

In case you don’t want to use the new vehicle or want to save more money, then you can always go for the older variant at a slightly lesser price than the newer model.

  • During New Year’s Eve

New year's eve isn't just about making resolutions but also purchasing new vehicles. This is because new year's eve brings a lot of holiday offers that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. These offers can range from discounts to free goodies (or even free servicing for a specific amount of time). You'll be saving a sizable chunk of your money by taking advantage of such offers.

  • During The End Of The Financial Year

In case you don’t know, the financial year starts from April of the current year and extends up to March of the succeeding year. At the end of the financial year, all account books are closed and started afresh from the next financial year. Thus, car dealers will be busy upping their profits & sales, by giving lots of offers on car purchases.

The Instances When You Should Not Invest In A New Vehicle

  • During The Start Of The Financial Year

According to a professional mobile car mechanic in Brisbane, the start of the financial year is one of the worst times to get your new vehicle. This is because car dealers have just opened their new financial year accounts and will be in no mood to sell at discounts or losses to get their sales up.

Thus, we highly suggest following the aforementioned suggestions when deciding to purchase a new vehicle, so that you can obtain the best possible deal.

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